Related National Organizations

Apathy is Boring

Apathy is Boring educates youth about democracy through art and technology with practical guides about how to vote, how to get involved in the community and interviews with artists who explain why democracy is important to them.

Canada’s Democracy Week

Canada’s Democracy Week invites you to celebrate your democracy this September with suggested events, learning resources and a youth challenge.


Samara is an independent charitable organization that works to improve citizen engagement with democracy through innovative research and education. In association with Historica Canada, Samara has developed its first curriculum support materials, based on the Member of Parliament Exit Interview reports, for use in high school classes.

Richmond Public Library

Richmond Public Library’s Canadian Citizenship Practice Test provides those preparing for the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s test with more than100 multiple choice questions based on Discover Canada. The Practice Test is available in both English and French, supports mobile devices and includes region-specific questions.

Citizenship Counts

Citizenship Counts aims to empower young people across Canada to take control of their citizenship status by highlighting the benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen, showing you how to apply and helping you study for the citizenship test.